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    Главная » Чертежи » 1800 - 1900 год

    Far Barcelona
       Far Barcelona has deserved the title of the oldest vessel of the fleet in the last Tall Ships` Races, they won in 2009 in Halifax the prize of Sail training Organization of the year. She has a great history since 1874 and made of several different hull material like pine, oak and iroka.

       Shipping type: Hardanger Jakt / Topsail schooner
       Homeport: Barcelona, Spain
       Date built: 1874
       Restored: 1991 -2006
       Crew: x
       Capacity: 15 pers.
       Daytrips: xx pers.
       Length: 23.10 m
       Draught: 2.96 m
       Sail: 362 m2

       Hull material: Pine, oak and iroko. Galvanized iron nails.
       Engine capacity: Caterpillar 3408 C (402 HP)


       Far Barcelona (orgigional name Anne Dorthea)is built in 1874 in Hardanger, Norway. The first owners were possibly a partnership of Haugesund and Skudeshavn. It was designed to transport 660 barrels of herring from the fishing banks in the North Sea to the main consumer markets, mainly in the European Atlantic zone. They were also used in other activities such as seal hunting in the Artic or to transport emigrants to North America. Roald Amundsen refurbished one of them, the GJOA 91873), for the first journey through the North West Passage. (1903-1906) This ship was active in the Norwegian merchant fleet between 1874 and 1975 and always kept its orginal dimensions and shape, in spite of the technological innovations adapted over the years. Between 1975 and 1190 it has several owners and sailed in Norway and Mediterranean. In 1990, the ship was moved to Barcelona where, first with the Barcelona Fes-te a la Mar Association, and with the Consorci EL FAR its restoration was completed in 2006. In 1996, Miguel Borillo donated the ship to Consorci EL FAR.

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